LWMTA Student Programs 2018-2019

Musical Gift Recitals (MGRs): Year Round

Musical Gift Recitals (MGRs) provide an opportunity for students to serve local retirement communities with their musical gifts and talents. High School students receive one hour of community service for participating.

Chair: Laurie Ketron

Music Artistry Program (MAP): February 22-24, 2019

The Music Artistry Program (MAP), formerly Piano Adjudications, provides an opportunity for students to prepare and perform two polished pieces and receive feedback from a qualified adjudicator.

Chair: Selina Chu, NCTM

Music Literacy Program (MLP): April 27, 2019

The Music Literacy Program (MLP), formerly Musicianship Examinations, provides an opportunity for students to assess their knowledge of music theory through a proctored written exam.

Chair: Mary Kaye Owen, NCTM

Young Composers Recital: January 12, 2019

The Young Composers Recital provides an opportunity for students to perform their own creative compositions as well as receive published manuscripts of their work.

Chair: Meg Mann, NCTM

Music Festivals

Spring Music Festival: May 18, 2019

The Spring Music Festival will explore and celebrate music through performances, presentations, and group activities.

Chairs: Karen Blyton and Mary Anne Szollar