March 2024 General Meeting Minutes

LWMTA General Meeting
Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, 10:30AM
Location: Northwest Pianos and Online via Zoom

Call to Order (10:35 AM)
Old Business
Financial Reports – Laurie Ketron
Reported in the meeting.
Announcements/New Business
Book Donations
Stephanie Lee reports that Joyce Meech was unable to make it to the meeting today, and the
book donation sale will be pushed back to April’s meeting.
Map Recognition Recital – Selina Chu
Selina reports the recital went well. There were a total of 19 students who registered and 18
who performed (one was sick). She reports that some pieces went overtime, since the repertoire
was quite advanced, and may need to change some time limit rules in the future.
Musical Gift Recitals – Cherry Li
The next MGR will be in May, at Morningstar of Kirkland. The date is not set but will be within
the first two weeks of May. Morningstar requests accomplished advanced students only. Cherry
is willing to extend the time limit for those advanced students who participate. Currently the time
limit is 10 minutes per teacher.
There was a discussion among the members regarding MGR time limits and piece limits, and
whether the MGR should be limited to intermediate and above students only or not. The
discussion was shelved for now.
Selina Chu reports that the upcoming Spring Video MGR deadline is the end of March.
Scholarship Competition – Nicole Kim
The competition deadline has passed and the event is well underway. There was an increase in
participants from last year, to 18 or 19 students. Nicole hopes that next year there will be even
more participants, and says a new level may be opened up. She reminds all to remember
deadlines and follow all rules. There was some difficulty this year with keeping the info on all
communications about the competition consistent, she suggests the chapter make sure the
website, yearbook, and registration form align with one another for next year. She reminds all
participating teachers they must be there at the event to help out with door monitoring, checking

music, bringing refreshment, etc. This year a volunteer high schooler is helping out with
watching the door.
The event will run from 9:00AM to no later than 1:00PM.
Music Literacy Program – Laurie Ketron
Registration opens April 1st and ends April 20th. The event will take place Saturday May 4th at
the Eastside Ba’hai Center. This year there is one more section available, the Technique

Meeting Adjourned (12:00)
Respectfully submitted,

Kaitlin Mitchell