January 2024 Meeting Minutes

LWMTA General Meeting
January 16th, 2024, 10:30AM
Location: Northwest Pianos and Online via Zoom
Call to Order (10:35am)
Attending: 4 online, 9 in-person
Call to Order
Old Business
Financial Reports – Laurie Ketron
Balance given in meeting. Not much happening during the holidays.
Announcements/New Business
Music Literacy Program (Gloria Tzuang)
MLP is coming up the first weekend in May (Saturday May 4th). The same three sections will be
offered as last year, (rhythm, oral skills, and the written theory test), with a new keyboard skills
component. You can find the syllabus on the WSTMA website under the Music Literacy Program
link. Registration opens in April.
Question: are teachers required to be present for their students to participate? Answer is no,
Laurie, Mary Kaye, and Gloria have everything covered this year. Once you register Gloria will
send you a google form. In future years we may need to ask for volunteers but this year they
have it covered.
Musical Gift Recitals (Gloria Tzuang, Cherry Li)
Policies on MGR guidelines: These are offered as community service or outreach on behalf of
our chapter, not as a recital opportunity. Students should limit their own guests to 2-3 adults,
each student is asked to play one piece, and teachers can send up to four students each time. If
teachers can volunteer that would be great.
They are working on another date in February (Sunday February 25th) – it’s 3pm at University
House in Issaquah. The Director really strongly emphasized that they have a capacity limit so
we’ll need to be pretty strict about the policies about how many people can play and attend.
Question: In this particular MGR since there’s a limit on number of students, would there be an
increase in how many minutes each student can play? Gloria says it’s a good idea and we can
talk about it.
Question: Should we go back to the old way of running MGRs where there would be a new
teacher every month would help out, or does Cherry have have enough support? After a
discussion, we agree that we could push more teacher volunteers to help out.
Video MGRs (Selina Chu)
There will be another one in the Spring after the March and April events are over, no volunteers
Music Artistry Program (Selina Chu)
February 19th-21st, and three different venues this year (Bonnie Debu’s studio and Stephanie
Lee’s studio included). Our visiting artist is Margee Webster, most recently retired from Gonzaga
University. Selina has two kinds of certificates: ones for students who have memorized their
pieces, and another kind for those who haven’t. Participation in this event qualifies students for
entering the Scholarship Competition.
MAP Recognition Recital (Selina Chu):
Saturday March 9th at 6pm, Northwest Pianos.
Question: Do these pieces have to be memorized? No, just one piece per student, memorized
or not. The MAP Recognition Recital is still open for registration (deadline is March 4th, 2024).
Young Composers Recital (Kaitlin Mitchell)
Five participants this year, and $155 should be coming in for student fees.
Teacher’s Recital (Pei-Hsin Kao, Stephanie Lee)
Sunday March 10th at 5pm. To participate, email Pei-Hsin Kao.
Scholarship Competition (Nicole Kim)
Located at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church on April 6th at either 9am or 8:30am. Judge: Tanya
Stambuck. Online registration form is ready and Makiko helped test it. Change: the Chapter
Representative will be selected at this competition (indicate on your registration if you want your
student to be considered). Students must have participated in MAP, but only Lake Washington
Chapter MAP if they want to participate in the Scholarship Competition. Email Nicole Kim with
any questions about repertoire requirements. Teacher participation is mandatory (lots to
monitor: the door, time keeper, etc).
February General Meeting Date Change (Stephanie Lee)
In February the 3rd Tuesday falls on the Tuesday of MAP so we’re moving that meeting to the
fourth Tuesday, February 27th.
“Getting to Know Our Neighbor: A Pianist’s Guide to Pedagogical Repertoire by Mexican
Composers” – Ricardo de la Torre
Meeting Adjourned
Meeting Adjourned (12:03pm)
Respectfully Submitted,
Kaitlin Mitchell
LWMTA Secretary