Musical Passport provides an opportunity for students to perform for a small audience and receive comments and a rating.

2022 Dates and Details

The LWMTA Musical Passport Festival is for all students who are taking lessons from teachers belonging to LWMTA.

The registration fee will be $25 (Primary), $30 (Beginner), $35 (Intermediate), $40 (Advanced). Payment should be collected by teachers. Checks are payable to LWMTA.

Students will perform two memorized pieces from different eras and receive a grade and comments from participating LW teachers. (For primary students, there is no requirement for era.) This event helps motivate students to practice and to give a quality performance by earning a medal or trophy year after year. Upon receiving a grade of “Gold” or above for every two years, they are qualified to receive the awards shown below.

Chair: Pei-Hsin Kao