The Music Artistry Program (MAP), formerly Piano Adjudications, provides an opportunity for students to prepare and perform two polished pieces and receive feedback from a qualified adjudicator.

2022 Dates and Details

LWMTA is excited to welcome Dr. Lark Powers, NCTM as our 2022 MAP Visiting Artist Teacher.

  • Thursday-Saturday, February 17-19, 2022
  • Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 411 156th Ave NE, Bellevue
  • Registration Deadline: January 12, 2022

Registration Instructions
Teachers may register their students online at the WSMTA Member Dashboard. Registration fees vary from $25-40 per student depending on minutes purchased. There is an additional chapter fee of $8 per student (paid by the teacher) to be paid separately to LWMTA. Teachers are also required to pay for an oral consultation and/or written evaluation as part of their student event.

MAP students play two pieces for the visiting artist. They receive a mini-lesson as well as written comments and encouragement for their performance. Memorization is not required. The focus is on presenting the highest-quality performance.

This event may be scheduled as private lessons or as a group
class. Often, students will get a much better understanding of musical and technical concepts by hearing the guest teacher work with other students. This masterclass approach works especially well with students who are comfortable with an audience.

Studio Honors
Teachers may buy 5 extra minutes for the visiting artist to select outstanding performers in his/her studio. One gold seal may be awarded for every 5 students that participate.

Teacher Consultations
Professional consultation with the visiting artist is part of MAP. Discussion of repertoire, technique or any teaching area of particular interest is provided through your choice of an oral consultation or written evaluation.

Event Format:

Location: Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 411 156th Ave NE, Bellevue

Individual adjudications, or very small groups of students. Social distancing and masks recommended for all participants.

Additional teacher responsibilities: Make arrangements for a lobby door monitor, or require students to text for entrance, monitor hand sanitizing and clean keyboard between students

Students work from their teacher’s studio, or another location TBA, with adequate piano, video equipment and internet connection.

Comment sheets, studio schedule and PDFs of music to be prepared 2-3 weeks before MAP begins. MAP Chair will assist with sending materials to the adjudicator.

What is the Music Artistry Program?

For the Student:

  • Set goals which go beyond the normal weekly routine.
  • The process is similar to sports: practice – games – tournaments
  • Perform for a highly-respected visiting artist
  • Work one-on-one with the adjudicator to improve your performance
  • Receive written comments and a certificate for your hard work

For the Parent:

  • Visiting artists are experienced teachers with advanced training who have been carefully screened by WSMTA. They are nationally certified by MTNA and many serve on college faculties around the PNW
  • Non-competitive format encourages learning, rather than comparison with others
  • The Music Artistry Program can serve as a goal for your child to prepare two memorized pieces

For the Teacher:

  • Challenge yourself and your students to achieve artistic goals
  • Observe your students’ lessons from a third-person perspective, often seeing new ways to approach difficult situations or unique problems
  • Share ideas and questions with a supportive colleague. MAP includes one-on-one time with the visiting artist after they have heard your students
  • Discover trends and areas which may need improvement
  • Do you have a student that needs financial help to enter the Music Artistry Program? WSMTA Adjudication Subsidy Grants are available for students with real financial need (max 2 per teacher).
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There is a choice of 10, 15, 20 or 30-minute sessions. How many minutes does my student need?
A: Estimate the playing time for two pieces, and add an equal amount of time for adjudication.
Example: playing time for is 6 minutes. Add 6 minutes for adjudication = 12 minutes. The student should sign up for a 15-minute session.

Q: Is memorization required?
A: No. The focus for MAP is to preparing the most polished and musical performance. However, the guest artist will attach a special sticker to the certificate of participation to acknowledge a memorized program.
Note: if pieces are NOT memorized, the student is NOT eligible to be the Chapter Representative at the WSMTA Conference honors recitals.

Q: What is the Studio Honors Award?
A: You may wish for the Visiting Artist to choose an outstanding performer among your students for the “Studio Honors Award.” If so, add 5 minutes of “extra time” so the adjudicator can make the decision. One gold seal may be awarded for every 5 students in your class.

Q: What is the MAP Recognition Recital?
A: The MAP Recognition Recital is open to any student that has participated in MAP. Performing one of their MAP pieces in front of an audience is a nice way to honor and celebrate their achievements.

Chair: Selina Chu, NCTM