Monthly Meetings

LWMTA meets the third Tuesday of every month (except July and August) from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon. Please join us!

Please see the 2021-2022 Calendar for an updated list of meeting times and locations.

Membership Benefits

The Lake Washington Music Teachers Association (LWMTA) provides teachers with a network of fellow musicians and teachers. Through workshops and presentations, teachers learn new skills for their own teaching and performing purposes, and in turn share their expertise with others. LWMTA also provides various music education programs, performing opportunities, and workshops for students such as the Music Artistry Program (MAP, formerly Adjudications), Music Literacy Program (MLP, formerly Musicianship Examinations), Musical Gift Recitals, and other fun events like the Young Composer’s Recital, Sonatina Festival, and performing at the Juanita Farmers Market.

How to Join

If you are a new member, join online through Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

Fees to Join

Our membership year is from July 1 to June 30. Dues should be sent to MTNA by June 30 in order to be included in the upcoming yearbook. The Lake Washington Chapter is a local chapter of the Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA) in District II.

MNTA (National) Dues $75
WSMTA (State) Dues $46
Lake Washington (Chapter) Dues $25*
Total $146

Add LWMTA as an Additional Chapter to Your Membership

If you are already a member of MTNA, WSMTA, and a different chapter, you can add the Lake Washington Chapter to your membership by paying the membership dues of $25 directly to the LWMTA Treasurer who will notify MTNA that you have added LWMTA to your membership. You can join at any time.


Please get in touch, we’d love to welcome you to our chapter!

New Member Chair: Nicole Kim –
LWMTA President: Stephanie Lee –¬†