October 2023 Meeting Minutes

LWMTA General Meeting
October 17th, 2023, 10:30AM
Location: Northwest Pianos and Online via Zoom

Call to Order (10:34am)
Attending: 3 zoom, 9 in-person
Old Business
Financial Report (Laurie Ketron)
Announced in meeting and sent via email the day before. Musical Passport income coming up.
Will be accepting checks or cash for music that Joyce is selling. Try to cash reimbursement
checks quickly.

Announcements and New Business
Book Donations – Joyce Meech
Joyce has music, music books, and other materials for sale in the back of the room. All
donations from sales today will go to the Lake Washington MTA chapter. She is also selling
music at home, and those donations will not go to the chapter. You can call to make an
appointment. In the meantime, if you know you have a need you can call her and she can hold
what you need.
Video MGR – Selina Chu
Deadline for the fall video MGR is Sunday (Selina will wait until Monday if you really need her
to). She has six videos right now and would love more. Any video form is accepted except a
youtube link.
In-person MGRs – Chery Li
She has not heard back from the assisted living home, so there are no in-person MGRs
scheduled yet.
Musical Passport Festival – Makiko Meyer
Registration deadline is this Saturday October 21st. Registration is all online. Once you’re
registered Makiko will contact you for payment and work on the schedule and release it.
Yearbook – Kaitlin Mitchell
For in-person attendees, yearbooks are on the upright piano by the front if they didn’t get one
last month.

“Ideas of Improvisation and Arrangements of Well-Known Melodies” – Luke Doubravsky

Meeting Adjourned (11:21am)

Respectfully Submitted,
Kaitlin Mitchell
LWMTA Secretary