The Lake Washington Music Teachers Association (LWMTA) is scheduling an event for members and other attendees on the date listed below (the “Event”). The undersigned individual (“Attendee”) wishes to attend the Event and participate in the planned activities. As a condition of being able to attend the Event, the Attendee acknowledges the warnings below, agrees to comply with the requirements set forth below, andprovides a release of liability as set forth below.

  1. Adherence to Social Distancing Practices. As a condition of attending the Event, the Attendeeagrees to comply with applicable social distancing requirements that will be made available to attendees of the Event. Attendee further agrees to follow the instructions of Association leadership and staff regarding interaction with others and safe distancing practices.
  2. Prohibitions on Attendance. Attendee acknowledges and agrees that no person may enter or attendthe Event if that person has or has had in the past fourteen (14) days a cough, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal upset, or experienced a loss of taste or smell. Attendee certifies that the Attendee does not have or have had in the past fourteen (14) days any of the above listed symptoms.
  3. Advisory. All attendees to the Event are advised that if they are age 65 or over or have any health risks such as asthma, heart problems, chronic lung or kidney disease, diabetes, comprised immune system, liver disease, or severe obesity, they are at a greater risk of serious illness or death if they contract COVID-19. Any individual with any of these ailments or conditions are advised not to attend the Event.
  4. Assumption of Risk. Regardless of adherence to health department requirements and recommendations as well as social distancing practices, there is a risk of COVID-19 exposure whenever an individual enters into a public space or building with other By attending theEvent, the Attendee acknowledges and agrees that the Attendee is assuming the risk of COVID-19 exposures.
  5. Release of Liability. The Attendee hereby agrees to release and hold harmless the Association, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all illnesses, injuries, sickness, death, orother losses arising in any way from Attendee’s attendance at and participation in the Event, including, but not limited to, exposure to COVID-19.